I have been a businessman and a beggar, a legislator and an outlaw, and now I work as a self-employed / contract researcher, community educator and activist. I am an elected Councillor at the Whakatāne District Council.

Until recently I lived in a housebus with my wife and two children. We were set up with solar panels, compost toilet and hinge-top upstairs bedroom. It was a small space but the beautiful places we got to park up more than compensated. Now we live in a house in Whakatāne, which we are slowly retrofitting as a permaculture property.

My livity is Rastafari, my politics are green and I describe my work title as ‘social ecologist’. I consider permaculture design principles the most promising approach to rebuilding a human civilisation that is truly homeotelic – that is, which maintains and enhances the integrity of life on this planet.

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2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Tara Cash says:

    Your post is not correct. Vivian Liberto was my mother, she was not black, she was Sicilian.

  2. Flora Stewart says:

    The Vivian Liberto Cash heritage question was put to rest on the TV Show “Finding Your Roots.” Vivian’s maternal great – grandmother was enslaved. She had children by her owner. He freed them all, and the kids begin to pass for white. Vivian had been told the story all her life. But I wonder if Johnny Cash knew, would he have married her? The portrayal of Vivian in the movie was not fair. And the documentary of Vivian showed what a self absorbed A- Hole Cash could be. But many entertainers dump the woman who put them there. It angered me that Vivian and the girls suffered due to their father’s habits and divorce. June always tried to erase Vivian by claiming Vivian’s children. After Carter died, Vivian- who loved Johnny til the end – visited. I am glad the truth came out about Vivian being a member of the First Wives Club, and that she was black. You are right, we do know our own.

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