I have been a businessman and a beggar, a legislator and an outlaw, and now I work as a self-employed / contract researcher, community educator and activist. I am an elected Councillor at the Whakatāne District Council.

Until recently I lived in a housebus with my wife and two children. We were set up with solar panels, compost toilet and hinge-top upstairs bedroom. It was a small space but the beautiful places we got to park up more than compensated. Now we live in a house in Whakatāne, which we are slowly retrofitting as a permaculture property.

My livity is Rastafari, my politics are green and I describe my work title as ‘social ecologist’. I consider permaculture design principles the most promising approach to rebuilding a human civilisation that is truly homeotelic – that is, which maintains and enhances the integrity of life on this planet.

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One thought on “Bio

  1. Tara Cash says:

    Your post is not correct. Vivian Liberto was my mother, she was not black, she was Sicilian.

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