Marriage Celebrant

When it comes to marriage, Rastafari take our inspiration from His Imperial Majesty Kedamawi Haile Selassie and the Empress Menen Asfaw, who maintained their own individuality, character and dignity even while living lives of great love and companionship. In His Majesty’s words, their life together was one of peace and mutual support.

The sacred bond they shared was demonstrated on the day of their coronation on November 2nd 1930 when they broke ancient tradition. It was the first time in Ethiopian Solomonic coronation history that an Empress-Consort was anointed and crowned on the same day as the Emperor, rather than a few days after. In doing so they demonstrated that the role of husband and wife is not to rule over each other, but to walk together side by side, as companions, confidantes, advisors and supporters to each other.

The marriage ceremony is a sacred and public ritual, in which two people make a commitment to each other and to their life together, before their family and friends and before the Most High JaH Ras Tafari. As a celebrant, my role is to facilitate that ritual so that it is meaningful to the couple and to their guests and so that it has spiritual power and resonance. My services are specifically intended to meet the needs of Rastafarians in Aotearoa but I am very happy to assist any couple who feel an affinity with Rastafari livity and philosophy.

What I provide:

Reading material on how I approach ceremony from a Levitical perspective, suggestions and ideas for you to think about, and what you need to do to meet your legal requirements

Meetings by video conference (eg skype) or face to face to see if I am the right person to facilitate the ceremony and to discuss how you want things to run

Maintain email or phone contact

A full written draft for the ceremony, to discuss and amend

Conduct the ceremony on the day

A presentation file of readings, vows and marriage registration

File registration papers following the ceremony


Standard rate $500 plus travel expenses. 10% of this will go to support the medical and housing needs of Rastafari elders in Jamaica through the work of the Word Sound Power Collective.

I will accept a koha from genuine Rastafari couples

Please note that you will also need to pay $122.60 to the Registry Office for your license before you can be married and $26.50 to the Department of Internal Affairs if you want a marriage certificate.


Photo Nicola Sorrell – Rastafari ceremony in Little River, Banks Pennisula

2 thoughts on “Marriage Celebrant

  1. Kathleen Winters says:

    It was an absolute honour and blessing to have Nandor as our marriage celebrant. The wedding was equal parts spiritual and and magical with every detail perfect. From Nandor’s purple robe, the divine feminine and masculine and a beautiful Rastafarian blessing at the beach, we could not have asked for more. Can’t wait for the wedding renewals so we can have Nandor again.

  2. Deborah Crossan says:

    Kia ora Nandor
    Thank you so much for your integrity, genuine open hearted ceremony. It was exactly how we wanted it to be.
    So many people have commented on how beautiful the ceremony was. People really liked what you said and the energy you gave.
    Ngā mihi
    Deborah and Ian Crossan

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