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I look at nature

the way that life pulses through it

the murmurations of birds

the running of inanga

and salmon

and herrings

and antelope

and bison

the inconceivable abundance

that powers this living planet

and all of the life upon it

and in it

and around it

and I worry

because we have pillaged it

despoiled it

ripped it apart

like clueless fucking idiots

and what have we left

for everyone else?

the bears

the wolves

the eagles and hawks

the whales and the orcas

all those beautiful



awesome beings

what have we left them?

or even left our own children?

are we really



Poem for Pele

We prepared ourselves to meet her

at the cliffs of Vahine Kapu

We stripped naked underneath the moon

to cleanse ourselves in her steam

Her breath was hot and humid

the wind whipped it around us

saturating us with her mist

as we stood before her red cave


In the sometimes icy cold

mostly warm and heavy

or intense and searing pain

We sweated and silently prayed

Tourist cars passed in the dark

none of them the wiser

This place of power, potent still

perpetually restored


We stood upon her mountaintop

and gazed upon her threshold

The endless sky glowed and fizzed

with stars familiar and unknown

Beyond our sight her presence felt

Terrible and Dreadful

A temple built without hands

One of the great sacred places of the world


Then we approached her

hair standing and skin trembling

Her radiance lit the sky

Plumes billowed in the air

Her sound disconcerting

the language of rock, fire and lava

The akua is home

who would dare to go near?


Pele, the lady of the volcano

Majestic, powerful, beautiful, fearsome

Purifying the land

even as she creates it anew


9 June 2014

Kawaihae, Hawai’i Island

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Archive of my writing 2009 – 2012

Most of what I wrote after leaving Parliament in mid 2008 until 2012 can be found at This includes copies of columns for the Waikato Times and the original Monkeywrenching column for the TV3 News website


Te Hau

Every day you change
your eyes now slate not
magnetite black
or dark as the infinite sky.
You are coming into your body
into this world
sharpening and shrinking
like light through a lens
a star coming into focus.

I cried when you were born
your body indescribably soft in my hands
as soft as the womb you were born from
“Once the head’s out”
she says
“the feeling of the body sliding
down the birth canal
is amazing”

I’ll never know but
I cried
because of the intensity
because of her courage
because you had come.