Nandor New Zealand

As a Rastafarian man a constant fact of life is people trying to pigeonhole, stereotype, belittle and objectify me. This became especially true after stepping into Babylon and entering the New Zealand Parliament. But Rasta livity is hola livity – whole, holistic and mindful of what is holy.

This part of the site is focussed on parts of my life that don’t usually get seen much in public. Politics is about what I get angry or excited about. This section is about what I love – my God, my family, my life.



RasTafari is not a religion. That word comes from the Latinreligare, to retie or bind. It is to do with social control exercised by church hierarchies, through manipulating the natural human desire for wholeness and to return to the source of life…



The nuclear family is a modern invention, adapted to meet the need of industrial capitalism for highly mobile family units. The extended family, based on a knowledge of genealogy and kinship ties, is the true foundation of human society.



Natural living is a must. The foundation of Rastafari livity is to seek a life that is natural and earth-loving.



I used to say that I listen to any kind of music except Country. Then Steve Abel played me Johnny Cash. Now all I can say is I listen to any music as long as it is conscious…